He logs in, and gets his nuts rune scimmy an full helm
And all of the runescape hustlers attempt to run scams to fool him
But the youthful runescaper does not run capers that a lot
Unless it’s worth his excess weight in gold, he’s aimlessly blunt
On the wild youthful stallions exactly where we fight for the death
Or until you wake up in lumbridge with violent breath
Beat me in battle properly my friend that is very a stretch
When we visit throw down all you do is just attempt to digress

In the east he’s effectively known, they scatter like flies in the west
Since his skills surpass 99 who’re you attempting to impress?
He’s been all over the world given that runescape gold traditional
You are only a discomfort within the neck like a damaged axe head
So don’t act innocent for the reason that he’s a villain and vile
And do not run away and cry when you’re killed inside the wild
Due to the fact his arrows go far, and he has the illest of types
He doesn’t break bread for lunch he breaks skulls and spines

Written for the beat from the fresh new prince of be-lair, in the event you like runescape why not take a look at some other games like runescape.