Oz Lotto is Australia’s biggest and most popular lottery. It’s so big, in fact, that it even attracts players from many other countries outside Australia. If you’re just itching to get your hands on that Oz Lotto pot, here are ten tidbits of trivia that should make joining it all the more exciting.

1.      Oz Lotto first began drawing in 1994. It was the first Australian game that had players depends entirely on luck. Other related lotteries and games soon followed, but Oz Lottery – now approaching its 15th year of operation – remains he biggest and most popular.

2.      For its draws, the game uses 6/45 lotto machines that are very similar to the ones used for Tattslotto, another leading Australian lottery game.

3.      The game went through major revisions in 2005 and reemerged with their latest game, the new 7/45 Oz 7 Lotto. The new rules, however, also increased the odds against players to win.  The odds of hitting the Oz 7 Lotto jackpot are about 1 in 45 million, about half as likely as those for the original game.

4.      In order to entice more players to buy, the company that manages the game expanded the prize matrix to integrate 2 new prize groups.

5.      Surveys on Oz Lotto winners found that an astounding number of winners come from Southwest Sydney. The entire area has won enough money to create 82 millionaires out of its residents.

6.      Zip code 2166 in South Sydney is widely considered to be the luckiest place in Australia because they have the highest per capita Oz lottery winners in the country. Several winning tickets for record-breaking jackpots – a total of $46 million worth – were sold in the Cabramatta area.

7.      At least a third of the winners of major Oz Lotto prizes used syndicated betting to increase their odds of winning.

8.      If you’re an avid gambler, NSW, the company managing the games, makes it even easier for you. With Oz Lotto, you could bet on several combinations at once using their special system entry option. Under that feature, a single lotto card could good for betting on a whole chunk of number combinations – perfect for syndicated betting.

9.      Don’t want to miss a bet for the next draw? Advance Entry lets pick the numbers in any single draw up to 25 weeks before the draw itself. You simply have to mark the ADVANCE indicator on the coupon along with the numbers you like. Tell the retail outlet which dates you want to bet for, and get your bets ready months in advance.

10.  Many of the winners in Oz Lotto are regular players who bet on at least one combination for every draw. You too could have this kind of opportunity with multi-week entries, which let you play the same numbers for several weeks in a row.

Just mark the amount of weeks you will play within the multi-week portion of your coupon together with your chosen numbers. You’ll never have to miss a week with your favorite numbers ever again.

You don’t necessarily have to play Oz Lotto for the jackpots; it doesn’t offer amounts as large as what you’d find on, say, Euro Millions. However, the features that NSW packages with the game are more than enough to make up for that shortcoming.

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