There are too many to win the lottery, but those who win, many lose all their profits and ultimately less money than it was before. Some of the winners was just silly, some were greedy, some had greedy relatives and friends, and some dropped catches thieves and criminals. Here are the stories of 10 people won the lottery, then lost it all. # 1 Evelyn Adams in 1985 and 1986, Evelyn Adams won the lottery – equaling the total he won a $ 5 4 million. But today – no money, "winning the lottery is not always what is cracked up to be," says Evelyn Adams, who won the New Jersey lottery not just once but twice (1985 , 1986), the amount of $ 5. 4 million. Today, the money gone and Adams lives in a trailer. He lost money on slot machines, and seems to say no to friends and relatives. Evelyn great victory ended a great loss. William # 2 since 1988, William Post, was $ 16. 2 million Pennsylvania lottery, but living on social insurance. Former girlfriend sued the Post with some of the gains and the other his brother was arrested on hiring a hit man to kill him, hoping to regain the share of profits. The relationship with other siblings were strained and spent some time in prison. Within a year, was 1 million U.S. dollars of debt and eventually bankruptcy. He lives now only $ 450 a month and food stamps. # 3 Suzanne Mullins 1993, Suzanne Mullins was $ 4. 2 million Virginia lottery. Now we are deep into a company using borrowed money winnings as collateral. He said $ 197,746. 15 of the company, but eventually stopped paying the loan. He blamed the debt long illness in uninsured son-in-law, which requires 1 million U.S. dollars of medical bills. Needless to say that lottery win does not end in happiness. # 4 Ken ProxmireKen Proxmire won $ 1 million lottery in Michigan. Within 5 years that went bankrupt after the move to California and started the car business with his brothers. He has now returned to work engineer. # 5 Willie Hurt 1989, Hurt, Willie, and Lansing, Mich, won $ 3. 1 million. Just two years later, was open, and after spending the murder of Fortune divorce and crack cocaine. # 6 Janite LeeIn 1993 Janite Lee in Missouri was 18 million dollars. Lee was generous to a variety of reasons, such as the various political organizations, educational programs and community services. According to published reports, eight years had won the Lee filed for bankruptcy, only $ 700 left. # 7 Family of the South in the early 1990s, the South family was $ 4. 2 million. Almost time, almost all the profits used a huge house, cars, and a number of requests from family members. We bought a big house and succumbed to repeated family requests for assistance to pay debts. Eleven years after winning a couple divorced, the house was sold and what was left of the lottery winnings were distributed. # 8 Kenneth Parker and Connie Connie ParkerKenneth and had 25 million U.S. dollars jackpot quickly looked at 16 years of their marriage, only to collapse months later, he was rich, as is the wildest dreams of all. # 9 Jeffrey DampierJeffrey Dampier had U.S. $ 20 million jackpot, and then kidnapped and murdered his sister in its own legislation, I hope, recovery of profits. # 10 Jack WhittakerOn Christmas morning in 2002, Jack Whittaker discovered he had won the lottery jackpot Powerball – 315 εκατομμύρια dollars – the largest single U.S. lottery history Payment. Although it started its intentions to make good profits, the world quickly collapsed, and granddaughter, Brandi death from a drug overdose, which has been funded from the grant of Whittaker and the dissolution of marriage. Whittaker did not give money to churches and people was necessary, but soon bombarded with legal process, theft and greed. He turned to consumption, and watching what is called "curse Powerball" to destroy her life. These 10 stories are proof of winning the lottery is not always what is cracked up to be. If you win the lottery, make sure you have a financial advisor and is smart for your profits. Winning the lottery can be exciting and fun, and this may change your life better, as the act as well! If you want to play the lottery, and add some excitement to your life, connect to all the Lucky Lotto ticket and needs. This site offers the player the chance to play most state lotteries comfort of your home. Be sure to visit Lucky Lotto for all your custom lottery news and see the new Lucky Lotto lucky lottery number generator!

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