The particulars: I’m running a G4 Quicksilver Tower, Dual 1.25, OS 10.4.11. I won the comp from a lottery at work. Hurray for me. I have a Netgear wireless router, which two Dell PCs are currently connected to with no problems.

I seat the card (won from ebay), and System Profiler doesn’t even recognize that any device is in my PCI slot. (Under PCI Cards, I get the old “No Information Found” line.) I’ve tried unseating and reseating in all four of my open PCI slots. Nothing. Under Network Status, Airport is red and “Airport is currently off”. I’ve updated the Airport Utility to 5.3.1, updated my system software, and the only conclusion I can reach is that the card itself is faulty; I even seated the 3rd party card that came with my Dell into the G4, and while it didn’t work, System Profiler at the very least recognized that there was some kind of wireless adapter installed there, even though it couldn’t use it to communicate with my network.

Can anyone think of a solution? Thanks.