With the economy the way it is and the price of new golf clubs being what they are many people have turned a corner and began buying used golf clubs. The cost is the main reason individuals give for purchasing used golf clubs. Another plus is that it keeps that used set out of the landfills. So as we go into this we need to know what to look for when buying a set of used golf golf clubs.

First, you need to look at the clubs heads for face wear. golf clubs that have been used for a long time might have a shiny worn spot in the center. You need to keep looking if you find a set that is worn like this as it will not hold the ball like it needs to. Make sure that when looking at the face you make notice of the groves and are sure that they are well defined and without any dents as these can affect the flight of your ball.

Another important thing to look for in used golf clubs is the shafts. If it is a graphite shafted club and has any areas that are worn or indented, you need to avoid them as well, as these points can cause weakness in the shaft. Make sure that you test the shaft by twisting the head and the grip in separate directions. If there isn’t great resistance, it’s a sign of weakness in the shaft. This is only an appropriate test if the shaft is graphite. If the shaft is made out of steel, then you simply need to look down the shaft and make sure that it hasn’t been bent and re-straightened.

You will also need to make sure the grips in used golf clubs are good. You will be looking for cracks, splits, and worn areas. Used golf golf clubs can have new grips installed on them, but it is not cheap and can add a cost factor of around 6 to 15 dollars for each one of the golf clubs.

Are all of the clubs consistent with each other? Compare them all by lining them up. They all should appear to be from the same set of golf clubs. You don’t want a set of used golf golf clubs with different shaft types or different models from club to club. Whenever you mix and match, you can mess up the progression of the lofts in the set.

Make sure that you do a price comparison between the cost of the used clubs that you are looking at and a new set. You never know there might be a sale going on and you may end up paying less for the new set than for the used set. Golf stores often have some really great money saving discounts on clubs so when looking at used ones try not to rush into anything.

You can’t really tell how well a set of used golf golf clubs will perform unless you are able to test drive them. Find a place to take a few test swings and see how they feel to you.

You can save a lot of money on the most expensive aspect of the game by purchasing a set of used golf golf clubs. You need to be careful though that you understand correctly what you are looking for before you hand out the coin. The difference that it can make in the set you choose is huge.