I want to purchase some scratch off cards but which ones have the best odds of winning? Does the more money you pay for scratch off tickets increase your odds of winning something? For instance if you get a $2 card or a $5 or $10 card. Or does that not really matter?

Also does it help your odds to purchase scratch offs at a small store such as a 7 11 or a bigger store such as a super market and such?




  • It just doesn’t matter. That answer fits every one of your questions.

    It doesn’t matter where you purchase the tickets. It doesn’t matter whether you get a $2, or $5, or $10.

    If you look at the back of each individual card, it will display the exact odds of how often you’ll find a winner in that particular game. THAT doesn’t matter either! The ones that will pay off more often will pay more lower prizes.

    ***Here is what you really need to know: Whichever scratch ticket you decide to play, plan on losing around 50% of what you spend ON AVERAGE. In other words, if you bought $100 worth of tickets, you should expect to “win” $50 from the whole bunch of tickets you bought.

    This is the average for almost ALL scratch tickets. (Regular lottery tickets are the same 50% take.) At 50%, this makes playing scratch tickets the worst bet you can ever make.

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