Can someone tell me all the codes for the scratchers please? I’m in AZ if it matters.
I’m not looking to tamper… I’m talking about the TWY= twenty $ etc



  • LOL they are random number generated, or in a series- but if you’re thinking about cracking the code- you can’t.

    Tampering with lotteries is serious business and a great way to get a felony on your record

  • It is how they track the tickets. It is so they cannot be reproduced.

  • they verify winning tickets. also, if it’s not a winner you can go to the website listed on the back and enter for a drawing by entering the losing serial number on the tickets. their way of making you feel a little better.

  • Not sure what you mean, but when you uncover some of the spots on a scratch off, there are letters associated with the pictures/items you are supposed to be revealing. The letters are actually another double check of the system. I know B, C, and D are usually winners, and it’s been so long since I’ve played the scratch-offs, I can only remember that C is equivalent to a free ticket and D is like a $5 winner.

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