My brother’s friend lives in a mansion and his father is extremely rich and makes 200K as a director in Boeing, but the mother on the other hand lives a very high-end lifestyle, she sits on her fanny at home and doesn’t work. She wakes up whenever she wants (12-2 PM) and has the whole day to herself, either playing on the computer all day or going out and shopping with her husband’s money or socializing with other pampered wives. She has almost no obligations to worry about, no stress at all, life is simply a breeze almost, as if she is living in a 4 star hotel every damn day or is a teenager living in a permanent Summer Vacation! There are 2 kids and the youngest is 13. The older son works, the mother doesn’t. Amazing as SHE’S OLDER.

While the following may go without saying, the woman was very beautiful and still is a little bit at her age. She does nothing and has no intention on working again in a job, and she has never worked in her life. To myself, i’m like……WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS? Here I am as a MAN having to work every damn day as a software engineer to make ends meet, and this woman lives a lifetime vacation, a vacation I only get 2 weeks a year. Feminism’s tenets mean that you are persecuted and oppressed by your gender, but I really would not call this women oppressed, she lives a lifelong party.

What do you think of women like this who don’t work? Life just flies by, passes by, and she have nearly infinite time for herself until she dies. I hate to say it, but it’s like using sex and looks to win the lottery. What is your opinion on able-bodied women like this who simply squat and do nothing in life? What ever happened to….”When I grow up, I want to be a (insert occupation)”? I honestly cannot fathom or wrap my head around an adult doing nothing, and living like children. THESE ARE ADULTS!!!
See a shrink for what, LOL. Well, yahoo prevents me from saying what I want to say, I’ll stop now.



  • “I am as a MAN having to work every damn day as a software engineer to make ends meet, and this woman lives a lifetime vacation, a vacation I only get 2 weeks a year.”

    Yeah, because you were FORCED to marry her, huh?

    One thing golddiggers are NOT is subtle. It is incredibly easy to spot them, and some men fall for them anyway, because they want the whole high-maintenance package. While I think golddiggers are trash, I think the men who marry them anyway are also trash, and the two deserve each other.

  • Stop being so jealous. Sorry, we can’t help you. Go see a shrink..

  • its lazy and childish but i have to admit a tad resource-full

  • 200K/yr is NOT extremely rich.

    I make that and I am NOT extremely rich!!

    Edit–btw, your company is probably–right this minute–making plans to send your software engineering job to some chick in India, who’ll be happy to do your job for 8K/US a year.

  • what’s the point in working hard and making money if the hot babes would rather do penniless paupers?

    if women started fcuking men regardless of how much money they make then what incentive would be left for men to work hard and make tons of money.

    what incentive would there be for tiger woods to work hard and become the greatest golfer in the world if any tom, dick, and harry could bang the babes he’s been banging?

  • I think they are typical and the norm.

    You have to look for a woman who is down right weird and abnormal.

    Meaning they don’t value money over compassion.

    Try the mental ward, that’s where I got mine.

  • What do I think? It is a generalization. There are many factors involved, e.g. a woman may not want to work so she can be a full time mother to young children.

    As for the shiftless sponge the rest of your question describes, she sounds like me at the moment! (getting up at 12-2pm on career break)

    Ever hear the saying ‘Use it or lose it’ it is a basic truth about human beings. The body and mind are designed to work. If this is ignored for too long, symptoms will begin to appear, if those are ignored, eventually the system breaks down completely. Just like Winblows 98!

    If this woman is actually happy doing what she does, she will live a rewarding life. If may surprise you to find out she could be lonely, unfulfilled and increasingly bitter towards people as a result.

    Or I could flip the coin and ask if you like being a software engineer. If not, why not do something else? Obviously it goes without saying that it is a lot harder than just deciding to. Research and risk eventual reward can and should be involved. These are the hallmarks of a satisfying life in my opinion. But on the whole I agree with you. An adult that chooses to do nothing productive appears as immature as a child, regardless of their biological age.

  • That they are stupid wh*res. I also believe the men who marry them are 50% to blame (it does take acceptance on his part, too, in order to get married) and that makes them stupid, too.
    However, I do not see how these people are your problem and why you should give them that much thought. It’s not like people wanting to have it easy in life is such a big surprise.

  • Yes, these women are card-carrying democrats. These are the type of women who vote the kennedies, the obamas, the kerryies in office year after year.

    But, when they FINALLY sucker a timorous sex-starved man who has some security they GO FOR IT, to replace the kennedies, the obamas, the kerries they vote for.

    LADIES, am I not correct?

  • LOL.

    I would never, and I repeat never, want to marry a rich man.

  • Handsome Q. Wonderful

    August 21, 2010 at 4:55 am

    OK, 1st I find it very unlikely that you know ALL the ins and outs of your friend’s parent’s marriage–the history, their daily life….. Without knowing all this, how can you judge them? Her husband may have wanted her not to take a job when they first got married, and maybe now she’s been out of the workforce so long she can’t get a job now! Also, her life does not reflect on your life. You can work as a software engineer at the same time that she is supported by her husband.

    Taking what you’ve said at face value, it sounds like she lives a boring life.

  • What we think is irrelevant. It is what her husband thinks is of importance. And if it is OK with him, it’s OK with me. We simply cannot run other people’s lives.

  • Personally, living like that would drive me insane in about a month. Some people, however, are content to do nothing with themselves. If you want a male example, look no further than some of the loser sons that these millionaires create. They can’t do anything but whine, spend money, and eventually run the family business into the ground. Clearly laziness goes on a person-by-person basis.

    All that said, if the person providing the cash likes the arrangement the way it is, that’s their business. Some guys like being able to say that their wife doesn’t have to do anything. It’s a sort of status symbol in some circles. Clearly your brother’s friend’s father is smart enough to know what he’s doing. (I can’t say I’m a director for Boeing…) How would you feel if he bought a yacht that needed x1000 dollars a year in upkeep? Same idea.

    Allowing your children to become spoiled, however, is criminal. It makes them incapable of surviving in their own.

  • Yeah she’s lazy, but what can you do about it? Her husband doesn’t seem to care. If he wants a lazy wife that’s his business.

  • Shame on that woman! Shame on that man for still marrying that woman!

  • I don’t respect anyone who is capable of working but doesn’t, unless they have young children to care for.

  • “living like children”, then you wrote “These are adults”

    To better understand the meaning of “adult” lets seperate the a……a dult

    or this person is a dult. or these are dults….a dult….a dulte……a dolt, carries the meaning of “immature” or not fully developed (mentally).

    This may explain why people that act immature are refered as a dult.

  • Disc√≠pula de Devendra Banhart

    August 21, 2010 at 9:39 am

    First of all, where do you live where 200k is considered “extremely rich”? O.o

    So because a vast minority of women who meet society’s model of attractive are able to find well-off husbands who consider having a trophy wife a fair trade for being the sole household earner….feminism is no longer relevant? That’s downright contradictory.

    I think more of these women than the men who marry them. At least gold-diggers want something that’s USEFUL.

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