Just wondering how the state of mind when picking lottery numbers, what kind of thought would win?
Lottery winner on a regular basis could shed light. . .



  • As the Regular Lottery Winner in our household, perhaps I can assist you in your quest. We have been down the scientific route, devising a program to calculate which balls would be selected, and this was very effective, unfortunately there was no way of knowing which sticky numbers were put on which balls. The random number dartboard generator was used until the unfortunate episode with the cat, but only produced slightly better than average results. Extreme excitement levels were generated by videotaping the previous draws and buying a ticket to match. This was cheap fun at a pound a go but the novelty started to wear off after a few months. Anyway – I have been told to ANSWER THE QUESTION by she who must be obeyed and therefore I say, yes, state of mind can affect the result, and if you think you can afford twice as many tickets, you will DOUBLE your success rate.

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