I live in a state included in the bible belt. It is illegal to have a lottery here in Alabama. Florida and Georgia both use their lottery for education. We have one of the worst education systems by state in the US. These same churches that protest the lottery hold raffles all the time to raise money for their church’s “charitable causes” (usually something significantly less important than our children’s educations). Why is it so much different in their minds than a state wide raffle?



  • there is no difference but church people tend to put their beliefs above the needs of those around them. Really they aren’t christians but more like people who are part of an organization to get their own agenda done.

    But you do raise a good question in general. Here in Oregon it is illegal to gamble with poker, but you can play the state lottery. So because it is benefiting the state it is okay to gamble, but if it is for one personal gain, it is illegal.

    But you can see this all around. Look at indian reservations with casinos on it. State can ban gambling but these casinos are still able to be built. America is not the land of the free anymore, it is the land of hypocrisy.

  • I’m from Alabama too. We may never get another chance to vote on a lottery if governors like Riley keep getting elected. The mississippi indians have many rea$onS to keep the lotto out of Alabama. They pay off right-wing zealots to thump their bibles everytime the issue comes up. We’re lucky to have the sleazy dog tracks/bingo halls.

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