[Note: We’re talking “mostly/technically legal” stuff here, of course]

1- Selling Psychic abilities (Though I’m still not sure why they cannot hit the winning lottery numbers, or at least come close dangit! lol)

2- Dabbling in Fundamental and/or Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

3- Becoming a market speculator by dealing in Market Trends, Futures, Options, Forex, etc. (Quants, Economic Forecasters, etc., all included here)

4- Becoming a History Professor (LMAO!)

5- Predicting the Weather (All the weather-forecasting-related vocations)

6- Working for Oprah (preferably becoming her! LMAO!)

7- Working as a CIA (etc.) Analyst (<--- 007 wow that was a pure coincidence, BTW. Yeah Right! lol) 8- Running for Political Office (promise the world, but never deliver $h!t) 9- Becoming a Futurist in one of those GOOFY Washington-based "Think Tanks" that cannot predict the annual blooming of the flowers, if their lives depended on it 10- Becoming a Corporate Visionary [strong Filth-immunity required!] 11- Inventing a WORKING Time-Machine 12- Writing a Software for predicting / "re"defining the Future 13- Selling Dream Instruments in person, on paper, in DVD, etc. (e.g. Inspirational Speaking, Investment Banking, Mortgage Underwriting, etc.) 14- Becoming a professional Gambler (or is that the same as investing in a 401K and/or the stock market?) 15- Creating/Inventing your own Future-Present through Marketing/Advertising campaigns (usually requires substantial out-of-pocket investments) 16- Selling tickets out of an eventual Black Hole doomsday fate (hey don't mock it; didn't Pope Julius II sell passports to future/eternal life in Heaven to the highest bidders?) 17- Becoming a clergy/evangelical preacher of a sort 18- Using your military might to dictate the Future [i.e. promoting a Proactive, NOT a Reactive attitude towards the Future] 19- I have my own suggestion(s) [Please elaborate!] .



  • Well, I almost went for #1, but then ran into the irrefutable #6. After all, if there is a power in the Universe that can make of Dr. Phil a respected point of reference, what could possibly top that?

    If I could ally myself with that, there is not only hope but the assurance of absolute success — but also and as you suggest, someday taking over the reigns [should the idea ever cross my mind].

    Only Oppenheimer (“I am become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.”) and a few others have ever observed the power of their quest manifested at such a level.

  • 17. It is the oldest fortune telling/future predicting profession. People have been making money off of it since prehistory. Just look at how wealthy the catholic church is, and all those TV evangelists. Virtually ALL of their predictions have failed and yet the people keep asking for more. And in times of financial recession, or any sort of disaster, the business picks up! I should have gone to bible college.

  • I’d suggest all those who are convincing us that we cannot change the way we live, in order to combat climate change. They’re selling the future itself at an immediate profit. That’s clever. It’s just packaging, of course, but most people go for it because they don’t unwrap it – and their descendants will pay for it anyway.

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