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  • you looked baked 🙂 lol.If I won 200 million, I would have no problem spending the 20 million (approx.) it costs to be a tourist in canada (where i’m from) we have Lotto 649 (in Ontario) and I’ve only seen it as high as 55 million but the nice thing here is that the odds of winning are only 1 in 16 million (approx.) just felt like sharing.. lol.

  • i would keep my fucking mouth shut until i got home.

  • I would put about $15million away in case of emergency (with added interest). I would use 10 million to buy and sell foreclosed houses and then fix them up and then resell them for market price. about 10 mil would go to building an indoor soccer field at my house and to add on to my house (+ or -). 5 mil to my local church. I guess i went over the 25 mil u added. well my dad is playing the lottery today and its up to 233 mil so we’ll see tonight if we win (i hope we do). to pay for bills.

  • disappear!

  • i would split it up in 3 70ish million for me 70 million for family and 70 million for chairty for me i would buy a lambo 2 rolex’es and 5 pairs of oakly shades and a bunch of clothes the best golf clubs i could find then i would build a 5 to 6 million doller house in highlandpark in texas and finnaly i would make my own real estate company

  • buy lots of income producing real estate to use as a tax shelter and increase my income. Of course, thats after taking care of family.

  • i would become super bum ,the man with no job with millions.

  • PS, on March 20th 2009, I got 4 numbers and won 150 bucks…a couple of weeks later I won another couple of dollars…it’s on the way and I know what I’m doing when it hits my experience!

  • And invest at least 10 million in a fixed ten year account which right now could get me 4.8% in interest. Put another 2 million in a stock portfolio and 3 million in a bond portfolio. Create a Revocable Living Trust and have all my finances listed in the name of the trust so that my affairs are automatically in order. Get at least 2 million in life insurance so that when I die, my estate gets that money tax free and can pay some taxes with it. And evolve from that next stepping stone.

  • And I will give full medical, dental and vision along with a very generous 401K. Starting salary will be $65,000 a year plus profit sharing of 5% for each friend this way I make more money, they make more money too and have money to retire on. Have an expensive car, Mercedes S class and a Nissan Maxima because I don’t want to be snooty all the time. I will have guest houses on my property this way my friends can visit frequently and have a nice place to stay.

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