Recently, my article will discuss basic information about the lottery strategies that exploit the clock-shaped curve for the performance of certain properties of the lottery. There are a number of these curves is that lottery players can use to improve your chances of winning the lottery jackpot. Like all of my articles, hoping to promote some action. Well, I got it. But to my surprise, seems to have created a controversy over the lottery jackpot.
It makes my day when I see other lottery players excited about my favorite subject. The passion for the lottery gets my juices flowing. I do not mind confrontation, they would actually enjoy it. Grist is my write million. But in this case could not be waking up hornets' nest. Thus, for reasons of courtesy, disinfect issue of complaints goes like this:
Bell-shaped curves are nice, but the jackpot lottery, the actual winning lottery numbers, do not do it!
Au contraire mon ami
How can I put this nicely? Well, I can not. Not only is my ticket to play the critics wrong, completely wrong and in all areas! All games following bell-shaped distributions, and in theory, I very strongly in practice. All lottery number analysis will show that. I hope this will make my position clear enough for everyone.
Now you expect me to back up. No problem. If you are here with me on my computer, I want to play one of my favorite games to make my case. I want to say something like: "I am so confident in my place that will let you choose from a random draw." Then, we turn to lottery software shows me that when there is a lottery jackpot I only have money .
This will do it. First, you could choose any of the lottery, you can choose. Second, you could choose the perfect property. Thirdly, I want to show the clock in the shape of theoretical curve, typical of the lottery you have chosen. That would be a good example of a curve, that some of you are opposed. Finally, I want to show the same model to describe what actually happened, using the actual winner of the jackpot lottery numbers.
For example, suppose you have selected the Florida Lotto. I want to show the theoretical curve for the last 372 projects (over 3 1 / 2 years). Then, I would like to see the pattern to win the jackpot lottery numbers. Lo and behold, the watch-shaped curve. What happened in more than 372 projects from the history of the theory to predict with accuracy. Theory and practice fits like glove and hand.
Shocked? Do not believe me do you think that this is a sort of game room? Or maybe just not impressed and decides to dig his own improvement, and stick to your guns. Ultimately, this may just be an exception. Fine. We will do it again. OK, you can choose.
In this round, you choose the Mega Millions lottery. Time will show you the theoretical and actual charts of the last 372 projects. Έκπληξη! Curves are the same.
Lottery Jackpot
Are you still loyal; O? OK, choose the second lottery. This year, you can select New York Lotto. Diagrams are the same. We could play this game until the cows home, and the result is always the same. Personally, I openly challenge anyone to show me an example of the lottery with a theoretical chart and won a lottery jackpot pattern do not match.
So, if all lottery jackpots are hiding out? So now we know, have set within the clock-shaped curve.

Professor Dolph is a world renowned expert Lottery, lecturer and writer, who has developed a breakthrough in the lottery software called Lona. A new and refreshing look for the lottery is to win the lottery.