i almost won the lotto recently and was thinking about this.

and would you get a home, condo, townhouse, apartment etc. but where would live or move to?



  • 4 BR home in Newport Beach or Laguna
    Condo in Mammoth
    Townhouse in Palm Desert
    Vacation home on the Santa Barbara Coast

    All of ’em!

    But don’t get your hopes up! I’ve “almost” won the lotto hundreds of times. Close doesn’t count in that game.

  • If i won million of dollars i would probably buy 2 homes in CA. first one would be up in san fran area, like maybe a high rise condo or a nice house in one of the wealthy suburbs like diablo or belvedere. then i would buy one in So Cal. a new home in either beverly hills or newport beach

  • I would have a home in San Luis Obispo, CA

    Another one in Long Beach, CA

    And another one in Raleigh, NC.

  • If you won the “lotto” the LAST place on earth you should move to is California. The state is virtually broke, it is one of the MOST expensive places to live, and is one of the highest taxed states. Your “lotto” winnings would quickly be gone with little to show for it.

    Wealthy people don’t get that way by blowing their money. Once they acquire wealth they invest it, spend it very wisely and frugally.

    Just curious. Are you related to my ex-wife? That’s exactly what she would do.

  • Does it have to be California? I can think of other places I’d rather live if I had the money to live anywhere. Of course, it wouldn’t matter that much where I lived because I’d spend all my time traveling!

  • Nice 4 bedroom House in the Presdio Heights section of San Francisco or the Oakland/Berkley Hills, A condo in Monterrey near the Golf Courses and a condo in Santa Monica. Maybe a small place in Atlanta too!

  • It would depend upon how big a jackpot I won, and how many other people I’d have to share it with. But I’d likely move somewhere near the Oregon border.

  • Congrats on winning the lotto! Wish I was you right now. I already in CA so I’d probably move to somewhere near San Diego or maybe Huntington Beach or Anaheim so I could go to Disneyland all the time. If I was single, I’d get an apartment. If I was married, I’d get a house. I’d rather get a place in Maui though.

  • Los Angeles Angels

    August 23, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Condo on Coronado Island in San Diego, Large Home in La Jolla, a home in Northern San Francisco, a home in Palos Verdes Estates, and a cabin in Lake Tahoe.

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