Click here to watch entire videos: Part 1 of 3: Asking yourself where will you spend eternity when you die is the most important question in life. We can win the lottery and become a billionaire, travel the world, and possibly find a cure from cancer and all other deadly diseases, but we must all face the reality that someday that we will all die and cannot take our prized possessions with us beyond the grave. This life on earth is just a tiny speck of what awaits for all of us in eternity when we die. Do you know where you will spend all eternity? Please listen to this important message of hope in its entirety to understand how sinners can stand forever acceptable in God’s holy sight. To get the complete series of “How You Can Know For Sure That You Will Spend Eternity With God,” please visit The John Ankerberg Show at You can also get the audio messages and book of this series from Erwin Lutzer at Grace and peace to you!



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