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  • They are all a waste of money. Each lottery draw is a random event. You can do all the stats you like on past wins, hot numbers, cold numbers, etc but they are meaningless. You are looking for a pattern where none exists. Any pattern you do see is because the sample size (total number of draws) is minuscule compared to the total possible outcomes. You would need several hundred million draws to establish if there were a bias, and no lottery has been around that long. Also over that kind of time period the technology, machines, balls, etc. would be replaced rendering your data invalid.
    You cannot predict a truly random event. If you could there would be some very rich mathematicians out there.

  • Your best bet would be to use a Random Number Generator as that is more likely to pick the way the lottery does rather than picking birthdays, etc. But its all random, so no software is going to give you any edge. If such software existed, I’d have hit years ago.

  • Ummm, you do know that the lottery is random and that winning numbers in the past have no correlation whatsoever to possible future winning numbers?
    Just choose whichever numbers you want. They all have the same chance of winning.

  • if there was a system for the lottery it wouldnt exist…DO NOT listen to anyone who has a system to beat probability. have you noticed how extravagant the casinos in las vegas are? thats because an edge, no matter how slight, will always win over time. learn to count cards in blackjack or learn to play poker…

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