Many people want to know the Lottery as the extent of the security. Here, we win the lottery printing Co., Ltd. in Beijing to ensure security measures as an example, the Lottery as how to ensure safety.

Order to ensure that Lottery as security, printing Co., Ltd. Beijing lotteries from the United States imported the most advanced Print Machine, enabling the most advanced production line.

To prevent fraud and cheating, printing to the “digital + technology” comprehensive security. They printed lottery every one that is open, there is a randomly generated 2D (two dimensional) digital strip number, equal to a scratch card each has a unique ID number. And Design Scratch Cards winning symbol par computer system is tested by the professional lottery software system designed by the world recognized multinational lottery.

Winning symbols in the design of software, there is no sign to winning a lottery to provide a nominal position, but the design of a range of issues, such as how many million a prize group, the size of prize distribution. Then, the design process will automatically generate a set of design awards program. The award program based random number seed (for the first few winning symbols), the designer opened a day when the computer randomly generated by Network Transmitted directly to the printer on, and start printing. Throughout the process, whether designers or technical staff, have no direct access to the winning symbol “seeds.”

Whole printing press in two parts, the most crucial part?? Specialized Print Award winning symbols spray machine located in a separate constant temperature and humidity of the room, no one can enter. When a roll of lottery tickets in printing, from the first floor, second floor, print directly to the winning symbol, the presence of monitoring the four staff did not know what the winning symbols will appear in a lottery on. Print this rigorous process, to eliminate the printing staff cheating.

To prevent the machine error, which means that for every 10 million lottery, you must sampling 30 000. In other words, to ensure that the sampling rate of 3 . In addition, the printing process, but also from the printing of each volume in the random lottery five samples sent to the laboratory within 13 printing quality inspection, and then in high temperature and humidity of the aging machine for 48 hours to ensure Lottery will not change after many years of quality.

Sampling process in the printing and found unqualified lottery, printing tickets as these will be disqualified. In general, when the staff found invalid, the stack of the lottery will be 100 all out. Entered in the computer software system that 100 tickets, “ID number” and then by another staff member checks, and then crushed invalid. Jiang Hao automatically generated by the computer again a lottery for every position and “identification number”, re-production.

In addition, the printing plant design software is also equipped with “traceability” of the record, as is Sell Of the billing problems can be traced back through the system, the source of errors.

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