I’m looking for the best lotto software that will predict exact numbers. Which one is the best and closest to it?



  • I’ll be glad to put something together and sell it to you. But meanwhile let me sell you the steam from my urine to help you out.

    If any existing software has helped anyone win a major lottery jackpot they haven’t indicated which one [they haven’t even admitted to having used a piece of software concurrently with winning a jackpot]

  • If such software existed, why would anyone sell it?

    There are software that will help generate wheels but the entire concept is based on the false premise that you can identify a subset of numbers within which the numbers drawn will be in or that you can designate filters that remove number combinations that will not be drawn but there is no causal logic to any of this. The software could help you be more systematic and avoid overlap which will improve your odds ever so slightly but the real effect will be to encourage you to purchase not just one ticket per draw but perhaps hundreds while the improvement in odds will be marginal at best. Probably the best utility for these software packages is the ability to quickly check your numbers against the results but then you can already do that at the self-scan station. The best software to purchase will be none at all.

    Note, Powerball is a multi-state lottery so it’s not just in Florida, you need not have mentioned a state with Powerball.

  • Lotto software – no. It won’t help.

    You might want to try some of the other methods people have thought of on this forum:

    Consult a “Lotto Expert”.
    Analyze the numbers.
    Visit a Lotto website.
    Read a Lotto book.
    Say the “right” prayer. (Apparently the ‘wrong’ prayer won’t work.)
    Analyze your dreams.
    Ask a psychic.
    Perform Voodoo magic. (Yes – they did ask about that!)

    Do all of these things AND use lotto software, and guess what? You’ll have the same chance as anyone else. That chance is, for all practical purposes, zero!

    You will NEVER, ever, ever, ever, EVER win any sort of lottery jackpot as long as you live. Neither will I. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can think of REAL ways to improve your life.

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