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Some do it for anti-aging (vigor, added libido, good looks), some do it for performance enhancing (mental precision, endurance, energy, might), and some do it for both reasons. Users agree that the energy and mental clarity results are amazing. The total of Growth Hormone in a human maxes out at around 22 years old. From that time on it crashes noticeably. Human Growth Hormone is the primary hormone in the body which influences all the other hormones. More Human Growth Hormone regulates the entire biological chemistry.

Celebrities can afford the $1000 per month for Human Growth Hormone injections from physicians. But now there is a way that the populace can also partake in the incredible benefits of this youth enhancing supplement. There is presently a homeopathic oral spray which only costs about $75 per month. It gets approximately 60%-80% of the same effects as the costlier injections and is legal for over the counter sales without a physician’s prescription.

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