I like the lottery. I think it keeps bad teams from completely tanking their season to guarantee themselves the #1 overall pick. At least this way a team can’t purposely tank because they aren’t guaranteed that top spot.

Amazing how everyone all the sudden hates the lottery since the Bulls won it. Get over it. Obviously you youngns don’t remember the 1993 Magic who got the #1 overal pick with a 41-41 record.



  • I agree. Everyone’s just hating.

    What about Toronto two years ago and Portland and Seattle last year?

    Small market teams get their fair share.

  • I have always hated it. for me it has nothing to do with the bulls. it is a bad idea. for other ways to insure teams don’t tank games. how many teams are they going to put in the lottery next year?

  • The suddenly think there is a conspiracy because the teams that had bigger percentage numbers didn’t end up with the first pick. But what they need to understand is it is a LOTTERY. Just like any lottery even the longest longshot can produce a winner.

    BTW…thekid it’s always the bottom 14 teams in the league in the lottery (the Clippers have a permanent seat at the table). It doesn’t matter what your record is. If you didn’t make the playoffs, then you particpate in the Lottery.


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