I have been buying lotto tickets for over 20 years and never won a dime. How is that possible? Our Lotto puts out a flyer every week with the pictures of the winners in it and I always look in there to see if I am in the pictures but haven’t been yet. I am starting to think playing the Lotto is a waste of money so I cleaned out my drawer with all those tickets and threw them in the fireplace.



  • It’s gambling. It takes luck, patience, and determination. Quit if you want, it’ll save you some money also.

  • The odds are so stacked against you. You are wasting your time and throwing your money in the garbage.

  • Well technically your odds of winning any lottery are very slim. The Mega Lotto is 1 in 135,145,920 and that’s not the odds of being the big multi million winner. You should instead of buying lotto ticket, just burn your money… JK but what you should do instead is gamble you have higher odds that way than the lotto.

  • if you saved all the money you throw away gambling you would have a “mini” jackpot right now if you truely have been playing for 20years.

  • Usually you have to match at least 3 numbers. Have you bought 207 tickets yet?

    Match 5+ Powerball = 1:80,089,128
    Match 5 = 1:1,953,393
    Match 4+ Powerball = 1:364,042
    Match 4 = 1:8,879
    Match 3+ Powerball = 1:8,466
    Match 3 = 1:207
    Match 2+ Powerball = 1:605
    Match 1+ Powerball = 1:118
    Match Powerball = 1:74

  • Do you know what professional gamblers call the Lotto?
    “Gambling for people who can’t do the math.” The odds of inning are just too long.

  • Lots of folks have responded, but I don’t believe anyone quite understood your joke.

    It’s either a joke or you’re actually that stupid. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and call this a joke.

    Folks – read what he said. He’s looking in the flyer to see if his picture is there! As if he believes that’s how the winner is told that he’s a winner. Like you buy lottery tickets, and then your picture will magically appear in the flyer if YOU are the winner! You don’t have to actually cash your winning tickets in. You just have to hope that YOU were the lottery winner, and if you ARE, then you will find out by seeing your picture in the lotto flyer!!!

    If someone had actually bought lotto tickets for 20 years, they ABSOLUTELY would have won at least a few small prizes by now. It’s unlikely they would have won any jackpots, but it would be practically impossible for them to have won ZERO after all these years.

    It’s a joke, folks. Read between the lines.

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