Does that mean at some level they aware that they will not win and are wasting their money?



  • well of course. people know that its very unlikely to win every time they play, people are stupid, but they´re aware that they´re stupid.

  • I guess the odds are so small of winning that they are suprised that their number has come up. I guess we all play HOPING to win, but such a small percentage do actually win a prize. As as for wasting their money – well I guess someone has to win and it wont be you if you didnt buy a ticket. Ya gotta be in it to win it! Just dont bet if you cant afford to lose that money!

  • The odds are so small for me to be abosutely sure that I’ll win, so yeah, I will be so suprised if I win. Of course I play to win but since I’ve been playing for so long – 14 years, I’ll be really shocked if I win. And yes, it’s a waste of money, but it’s fun – as long as I don’t go crazy gambling:)

  • Cause there are very few chances of winning. even though they play to win they never expect to win that very one.

  • People realistically don’t play the lottery to win. People play the lottery for the CHANCE of winning. It would naturally be a shock to win, when every player is aware of the odds.

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