Have you ever played Nintendo DS? Or bought Nintendo DS Lite years ago? Today there is a new handheld gaming console developed by the Nintendo company. Introducing Nintendo DSi; an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS Lite. It has many features that the other older versions cannot match up.

If you have a look at the DSi you will notice that there is a small camera built in at the top cover and also inside the middle of the console. With the help of these cameras you can take pictures. Whats more, the gadget is lighter that DS Lite but the screen is 0.25 inch wider.

The physical features did not change too much. The bottom screen is still a touch screen, the familiar buttons are still there, the stylus, and there is still a built in microphone. But once you opened the application, a message prompt pops up to enter your name and other basic information. The application makes the menu unique for each individual user. Another great thing is the storage. You can store up to 32 GB. This allows you to store a lot of movies, ebooks, and of course games.

There are also available cool applications in the gadget that its predecessors havent got. There is a picture application that lets you edit your pictures to make them funnier. You will also find a voice editor which makes editing recorded voices into different sounds easy. You can make your voice sound like a duck, a truck, or even like Marios. Now that is cool.

But there are even more great features. Did you notice that the DSi does not come with a gaming slot? The reason is that you can now download DSi games etc. straight to your DSi. All you have to do is have an internet browser installed, connect to the internet, log into a DSi download site and download the game of your choice.

The DSI download system works by buying points and then exchanging them for games and applications. With the DSi there is no longer the need to have a computer to download DSi games off the internet. And you also do not need to buy bulky game cards anymore.

Whether you use a Nintendo DSi frequently or not it is a very high rating game console that you must have in your pockets. just imagine how many photos, games, and apps you can store on this amazing gadget and how much fun it will be to play whenever you feel like playing games.