For my 36th time at Wicked, I tried to see the 1st national tour in Providence, RI. It was a GREAT day, but if you’re confused about what happened, here is a synopsis: My dad and I began driving down to Providence, and at 11:30, we entered our names into the Wicked ticket lottery. I was the first names picked, and my dad was the second (but, of course, he didn’t need to the tickets, since I had already won two for us.) We claimed our tickets, walked around for an hour and a half, and then went into the show. Chandra and Donna were both out, so we saw Meredith and Marissa (who were both AMAZING!) I AM NOT TRADING/SELLING PICS FROM THIS OR ANY SHOWS. We then went to the stage door, where we met both Meredith and Marissa. And we, of course, ended the day with a signature slow motion running clip. 🙂 Enjoy, and thank you for commenting/rating/subscribing! Love you all!