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One of the most important rules to follow is the mixed number theory.

A lot of people pick numbers that are too similar to each oth. . .



  • Each number that comes up does so randomly. So it makes just as much sense to choose the numbers: 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 as any others. To claim otherwise suggests that there is some force other than randomness. If he cannot say what that is then he has no case.If you want to do best then choose numbers that others tend not to choose – you won’t have any better chance of winning, but you will be less likely to have to share a big payout. This guy is conning you (and probably himself).

  • this is a load of shit. IT IS COMPLETELY RANDOM. there are near 14million combinations and every one of them has an equal chance of winning. this is just a guy assigning number groups thinking hes smart etc. if you put different unseen symbols on every lottery ball then you would see how wrong this guy is. hard to go into it in depth butthe chances of getting a number are equal.first number theres a 1/49 chance second 1/48 etc

  • has this guy even won a lottery?

  • nicei won the lottery gj man

  • number distance should be varying, and should use set intersection.basically anyone know orthorgonality and optimal set intersection can get a good comb, I use it and add my own personal flavour which I called 天数+命数,everything just worked like a charm. btw, I never aim top prices, only long term return.

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