When you want to try your luck in lottery, many today are relying on Pick 3 lotto because it is the most profitable ways of earning money among the lottery games offered today. Winning in the lottery is sometimes dubbed as a once in a lifetime dream as it would entail a miracle for your 6numbers to be drawn. It is sometimes impossible for your six numbers to hit the jackpot and be an instant millionaire. So if you are wishing and hoping that someday your numbers would be your winning ticket to living a comfortable life, think again as you might just be wasting your time and money in hoping that your 6 lucky numbers will give miracles. Luckily today, a new form of lottery system that will boost your chances of wining the Pick 3 lotto is introduced. As mentioned earlier, this type is considered as the most profitable game. As compared to the lottery, you have better and greater chances of winning. There are even cases when you will be struck with luck twice in a day as opposed to wishing and hoping to won in the lottery. The lotto system that is proven to work is by playing unmatched numbers in the Pick 3 lotto draw. Using this kind of system will give you the biggest chance of hitting the jackpot. Aside from playing unmatched numbers, you can also make it big by playing the boxed bet form. When playing the unmatched numbers, these are the any combinations that do are not repeated during the Pick 3 lotto draw. A good example would be 153, 789, 562, 490 456 and the list goes one. There are actually a total 720 unmatched number combinations. On the other hand, the boxed bet form is the type where any number combination is most likely to win. Take the 145 number combinations. You can hit the jackpot even if these numbers are picked: 541, 451, 154, and a lot more. Regardless of the order, your numbers will surely win and give you extra bucks. Now, this will give you the 1:120 chance of winning the Pick 3 lotto. If still not convinced that this system gives you a chance of winning the lottery, ask some those who are already hooked to this system and they will instantly tell you that they too have been getting their luck in the game. Now, this only proves that betting on the Pick 3 lotto could be your gateway to earning extra money. Imagine that if in a week you win a total of $1000. 00, you can now start achieving the life you dream of. Unmatched numbers gives you the best odds of winning. When this type is preferred, you can just watch and witness on how your bank account just keeps on growing and your money just keeps on pouring. Now, if you still have not tried the Pick 3 lotto, now is the time to try your luck on this one. Who knows you might hit the jackpot and you’ll be hooked in playing Pick 3 lotto. I wish you the best of luck!

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