Join a mathematician, internet technology, network marketing, visionof family business started, the Council's register Lotteries and lottery players will win lottery prizes each euromillions do not buy tickets. Tom Brodie, with 12 years of successful experience in sales, marketing, database development and Internet marketing, partnership and Len Fitzgerald, who opened one of the first video rental stores in the United Kingdom raised in 1984 founded the e – lottery Syndicate in April 2002. They thought because they are not the only person in the world, who would not want to win the lucky draw, why not find a way to help as many people achieve their dreams. We hired a university professor of mathematics, brainstormed on how to achieve their purpose, and ended up an independent system, which enhances the chances of the lottery players advantage. People who play with an independent system, is an important advantage over the regular player who plays alone. Are more likely to win the jackpot, and earn more money and gifts. Systems to enable people around the world, playing the two richest tax free lotteries in the world, the United Kingdom National Lottery, the lottery and EuroMillions. Syndicate Each player receives a steady and numbers, and since the union system, only to suffer due to receive awards, and Euromillions. The front has a huge play for partnerships 3600% greater chance of scooping the jackpot EuroMillions! Opportunities for any prize jump to only 1 / 10 will be applied in network marketing system, and each member is the e-syndicate, five other people, you start playing for free. After receiving payment for each new member, and also take a set of numbers free of charge to each new group of 15 members. And this "trick» euromillions winning lottery prizes every week, or to purchase tickets. It Euromillions, syndicate players receive a fixed five numbers and only if a number is displayed in case of a tie, the prize was a trade union. It has a total of fifty numbers one to fifty, players have more than ten different numbers cover all different numbers, and at worst to reflect the number to 5 different serial numbers and move on, and won five awards.

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