This is Winston – the lottery draw macaw.



  • Well , I’ve thought myself not to respect those who disrespect me.

  • soheiljew – “suck my COCK”? “you WHORE”?? “fuckinn prison”???

    So much love and respect for life.

    What a wonderful ambassador for PETA.

  • lol so cute. thats kind cool that a bird can do that.

  • Is that the best that you can do?
    Limited to expletives because you can’t wrap your brain around your own hypocrisy?
    That’s not going to hide the fact that you’ve already stepped in it and you’re obviously a prisoner to your own behavior.
    You poor,blind fool!

  • Hi, lilyfig – Interesting that in Mexico you cannot see it. Yes, it is still there. I clicked over just now to it, although I didn’t watch, just checked.

    It comes from YT channel “birdbgone”. They have 17 vids uploaded selling products to keep birds away from your house and yard. 😀

    Laughed at one comment on that vid asking what the heck is with the channel, it looks like it is owned by a bunch of bird haters.

  • Naughty naughty! I understand cat breeds very well, you foulmouthed, pathetic, bi-polar ignoramus.

    The Extreme Persian is prone to excessive eye tearing and breathing problems due to the shortened face. Many Persians need their face washed daily to eliminate excess tears.

    Also overly prone to the cat diseases PKD, PRA, HCM.

    But their nature is sweet, and their manners impeccable – unlike yours, dearie. 🙂

  • I can’t see the vid you talk about, I guess it was published only in ypur country

  • pretty bird and looks like having fun. ^^

  • You can suck my COCK !

    Go study about standards of cat breeds you WHORE!

    And a prisoner IS a prisoner! It does not matter if he/she is born in that fuckinn prison or not. They must be FREE!

  • You know nothing of animals. Otherwise you would be against the breeding of cats with disfigured faces.

    And it is illegal to import parrots. So this parrot is almost assuredly a multi-generational domestic-bred bird.

    You loser. And hypocrite.

  • You idiot There’s a difference between domestic pets and wild creatures. Domestic cats are man’s companion and won’t survive without man while this parrot is NO pet! They never enjoy captivity. They need to be free. Even a kid can understand it.

  • Free? You think you are free? 😀

    Maybe you mean “free” like all those smash-faced white Persian cats on your channel who are captive breeding machines?

  • You punk this creature deserves to be FREE like u and me! They too are entitled to live with their own kind in their natural habitat .

  • LOL, Biathorn – so true. Maybe stamp an ad on our foreheads, too. 😀

    Peace/out, sister.

  • Yes, I do think he is having a lot of fun showing off with his “fullish” act or he wouldn’t do it. Parrots are nobody’s slave.

    If you knew parrots AT ALL, you would never have posted this “fullish” statement.

  • i agree…O.o

  • Animals are NOT supposed to be used for our entertainment. I entitle it as Animal abuse. Do you think that poor thing’s really ENJOYING this fullish act?

  • Yes and the ads IN the video are SO annoying. Was the side bar, header, and basically everywhere else not good enough?

  • NotYourTubeAnymore fails again.

    Look at the #1 “subject-related” promoted vid over there in the sidebar.

    It’s a commercial for some poison or something to kill birds. (Don’t know exactly, because I won’t give them the view stat of going to look at it.)

    Geez, I wish the new owners of this place would all FOAD, and let the original guys come back and run it. 🙁


  • Aww.. he’s beautiful! Such bright feathers.. 🙂

  • maybe its the ramdomness ?

  • i wanna win the lottery from that parrot 😀

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