I have received a e mail in the name of oxford sweepstakes that i have won 250,000 pounds. After following the instruction given by them finally i have been asked to pay 950 pounds as charges for transfer of the funds to my account. is it not fraud.



  • No you can’t. That is a scam. Reply and they will tell you all about some transfer fee’s or taxes or something that you have to pay in advance. They might even be willing to forward you some money to pay them, in the form of forged cashiers checks. Google the words “e-mail scams” to find out all the details.
    Remember, nothing is ever free.

  • Hi
    Please go to this link by clicking or copy this and paste it URL path and you will be able find weather this mail is a scam/fraud.http://www.scamomatic.com/.
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  • It is a complete fraud, period.

    There is no lottery in the UK that gives free money randomly to strangers. In fact there is no lottery like that anywhere in the world.

    To win a lottery you have to buy a ticket. To win a sweepstakes you have to do something to enter it.

    If you win either prize, you would generally have to go somewhere and sign legal documents. They are not going to send you the money in the mail or by courier.

    This is another online scam. If you send any money you will never see it again.

  • ur account is hacked into u better shut ur account down or something or ull lose alot

    and yes it is fraud

  • Yes. You’ve just won my lotto prize of $100,000,000.

    Now, send $50 to……

    Now that a bit of a silly question, isn’t it?

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