Wizard's Pen with Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket
Wizard has disappeared, only to find him and the magic of this effort and find a game! Wizard has tips for the location of the workbook, but all the hidden pictures. Need magic pen to reveal hundreds of images and assume. In addition, you can play a mysterious mini-games, earn points and a strong drink. It's great fun unlike any other hidden object title you've ever seen! Special Bonus! The full version of Mystery PI: Lottery
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  • Entertainment: 4 0 / 5 stars Personally, I'm not entirely sure, pen driver is a good price is $ 19. 99, but the inclusion of the ticket Mystery PI, it is safe to say that you have the money for this package.
    Wizard Pen is a mixture of Hidden Object puzzles and challenges, but the game has a heart condition which must guess the object hidden in a blank page when using pen driver to reveal as little as possible. Mystery PI is pretty much what you are used to Mystery-type game, so expect mostly hidden object seek and memory, such as puzzles.
    Production value of Pen driver, in particular, is really nice and crisp, clean graphics and installation of sound effects. Hidden aim carefully constructed levels compared with the room-full-of-slop-pixelated presentation more games of this type.
    I recommend that anyone interested in the game to try the demo before you buy. Pidän todella PopCap n vähittäismyynti julkaisut, koska se mahdollistaa koko perheeni pelata peliä ilman huolta lisenssit ja aktivoiminen.

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