I started playing World of warcraft about 10 months ago as I was intrigued by the amount of media coverage this game has. You have probably heard the tale about a guy who played the game day and night without any sleep and then finally collapsed! Any game which has this amount of addictiveness is worth looking at and I am glad I did so as the game is awesome!

The one thing about Wow ultimately gets me is how difficult the overall game is, although I assume that’s where the fun lies as well. It is no easy task to race from level 0 to 85 and does demand a large amount of dedication and hours played.

If you have been playing World of warcraft for anything more than 5 minutes you’ll know that it can be one tough game. This article will supply you with some how-to’s that can help you race throughout the levels being a Horde player.

The very first thing you need to remember isn’t to worry to much about equipment especially in the lower levels as I have got many horde and alliance players to level 85 and the equipment like weapons, armour etc.. Really failed to help as much as you would imagine it will.

This game is often a long way away from the text based RPG games that i previously used to play as a kid and has millions of subscribers around the world. It is important to consider using a game like WOW is that they are designed so that you never complete everything because they would like you and keep on paying the fee to stay a member each month.

So if you want to get to level 85 as quickly as possible then i would suggest searching for a great World of warcraft Horde Guide or an alliance one if you are playing as an alliance character. There are several out there but the one that really stands apart is called Zygors Horde Leveling Guide and the reason being is that this guide was created by a speed runner for Wow, meaning that when a level cap is implemented this person is generally the first to that level cap.

What is important to do during the early levels is just quest like mad. You will have no trouble completing the first quests that get from 0 to 10 as they are done inside the training zone, however , you shouldn’t stop there I would say carry on questing solidly until you are at least level 30 and then start doing some other stuff like instances et cetera.

Yet another thing you should never forget to do is get lots of quests at once. You shouldn’t just accept one quest and run off to complete it but instead make sure that you get all the quests you can as you can hold up to 25 in your log and you will also realize that a lot of them are carried out in the same area which means you find yourself handing in all of them together and receiving plenty of XP for them!

Although you can use resources like Thotbot to discover all the details of the quest it may mean that you have to swap between the game and the web constantly to get details on what you should do.

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