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  • My friend, you have missunderstand the law of attraction. it is not be home and meditate. its having a positive sight in life and belive in your goals. so to get the love of attraction you must appy law of action.

  • @mangasboy i agree with you,thinking positive in life(ofc that nagetive thinking will never dissapear and somethimes is usefull too)and visualizing your goals means that you already acchieved 50% from your desire(i mean that you have the necessary motivation that will guide you as you advance in life).The other 50% represents hard work that must be done with pleasure and always think that you already acchieved your goal and this will make your work enjoyable.

  • I wished for many years to study law,after i finished highschool i studyed a lot and visualized a lot that i’m already in college.i tooked the exams and now i am student at Law Faculty from Vasile Goldis Wester University from Romania.Your Law of Action is useless unless you don’t have a motivational “engine”.I mean everybody can dream that they are rich and not making a damn thing for it too happen.Human mind and motivation is a very important factor.

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