CLICK MORE INFO FOR LYRICS Young Jeezy Amazin’ Lyrics: [Intro] Yeah Can you please mothafuckin’ rise For the national mothafuckin’ trap star anthem Let’s go [Chorus x2] Cause bitch I’m amazing’, look what I’m blazin’ Eyes so low, yea I look like an Asian Forever clubbin’, forever thuggin’ Haters run they mouth, they ain’t talkin’ bout nothin’ [Verse 1:] Cause Bitch I’m amazin’ Closed door armour, lookin’ like it’s miller times Sixty Seven diamond chain, who he think he Busta Rhymes Bitch I bust a lot of rhymes, could of done a lot of time And I ain’t never snorted shit, put it all up on the line Got a lot up on my mind, got a lot up on my plate Got to feed my hood, So I’m up and down the interstate The streets need a nigga, so I’m in and out that vocal booth Hoes love a nigga, cause I’m in and out they yellow coupe But nuttin but banana split, say that I’m her favourite If you can take a lot of dick, I can talk a lot of shit Go on baby swag it up, show them haters who your with Bring you want that gangsta shit, who you niggas fuckin’ with [Chorus] [ Find more Lyrics at ] [Verse 2:] Cause Bitch I’m amazin’ First I sold two mill, then I sold another one Told them if you pay for three, that I will front another one Told them if they give me this, then I’ll record another one But if you can not give me that, ain’t no sense in callin’ back Fuck you think they sell me for, fuck you think they find me at Damn right I’m arrogant, im gonna need a bigger hat



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