Friday, 09 July 2010 – Draw 757 — Lottery numbers: 9; 12; 17; 34; 36; 44 Bonus 46. Congratulations to all our lucky lottery winners around the world! 09 Juli 2010 Die Internationale Lotterie in Liechtenstein Stiftung. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Durchgeführt von ILLF. Es ist Zeit für die wöchentliche Ziehung. Wir haben heute einen grossartigen Jackpot für Sie, nämlich 20 Millionen. 09 julio 2010 International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation: la atracción de la lotería resulta Transcript: Our weekly lotto is a 6 from 49 plus bonus ball game where you win cash starting from matching only 2 correct numbers. If all your lucky numbers come up, you qualify for our main prize of 20 Million each week. Thank you very much for playing! Remember, with every ticket you buy, you are in for our 20 Million Jackpot plus you support valuable charities and projects all around the world. This is the final weekend of the Football World Cup in South Africa — the Champion of 2010 will be a new title for either Spain or the Netherlands as neither of them have won this title before! I am sure both teams are very keen so this will definitely be a very exciting and thrilling game – make sure you don’t miss it and I hope your favourite will win it!! See you next Friday when we will be back for our weekly lotto draw! Have a lovely weekend, bye bye!