These commercials aired on local NBC affiliate KRON on January 26th, 1986. Thanks to my Uncle for recording these.

1. Promo for “Peter The Great” (Is “filmed in the Soviet Union” really something. . .



  • I can’t believe Chris Long now plays in the NFL, since he’s grown up a lot!

  • I think I remember the old KRON 4 logos, where the 4 is placed over part of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Why, exactly, is showing boat and F1 racing supposed make me want to stay a Hilton hotel? Was actually showing the business center in the hotel(s) really that much out of the question?”We need an ad campaign for Hilton to appeal to business travelers.” “So, we’ll show the hotel services that cater to their needs?” “No, I’m thinking more like racing.” “So…F1 cars?” “Yes! Oh, and boats too.”

  • Yeah, I remember that song too. churlyryan! The song for Volvo commercial is sung by Kenny Rogers.

  • These superbowl commercials arent as funny as the ones now.

  • I remember seeing that Bank of America logo on Back to the Furure when Marty was looking at the time.

  • That must have been one epic game of hackey sack.

  • The baby in the United Way commercial (Howie Long’s son) is now a defensive end for the St. Louis Rams. That’s kind of cool to see him as a baby in a commercial.

  • Hmm, Peter The Great looks like a pretty interesting movie

  • This version of WHere You’re Going It’s Michelob didn’t last too long. By SUmmer 1986, Michelob went to Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Roger Daltrey, et al. for their theme music.

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