At, we review lottery plans, lottery systems and lottery software.

Some of these systems are useless, some are fun to use, some are very expensive and some are just a few dollars.

We have never won a jackpot using any of these systems, but we have had some success with some of them.

We list our favourites on lotterychecker, and currently we have got that down to two programs.

Both are inexpensive especially if you spread the cost between syndicate members.

If you purchase any system through one of the links on, we will recieve a small commission from the system vendor. As a thank you from lotterychecker for buying through our website, we would like to give you a FREE GIFT worth $19.99. This is our very own UK LotteryChecker software for Windows version 3.2.

Use it to manage multiple lottery syndicates, check thousands of lines against the winning numbers, print off results, even chose random lines.

Read about LotteryChecker here


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