Itunes: Amazon: DON SHOP: Directed by Michael Kinsella-Perks Song performed by Akira The Don Produced by Stephen Hague & Akira The Don From Living In The Future compilation. Order here: LYRICS: She was born in a little white room in a little white room she was born to a little white girl another little white girl came through from a little pink womb to the word and when she first saw light her little eyes cried like when she first saw night same thing and her dad drank liquor till his fear hung thicker than a fat man stick on a swing mum’s gone shopping there’s no stopping the world when it gets inside so very quickly she starts to see things how they wanted her to see outside its raining but somehow she thinks its sunny she giggles at the pain cos it isn’t very funny she cries for her mummy mummy looks blank mummy’s brain’s locked in the bank ♀ Jamie ran away it wasn’t nothing but a lot of bravado she said I havent seen nothing but the cover of the sun i was just focusing on winning the lotto jamie ran away it wasn’t like she had a whole lot to stay for So sorry my darling I wasn’t prince charming i just read about you in the paper ♀ jamie went to school, a kid and did things that the others did with paint and clay and skipping rope with faith and spite and hate and hope the scope for self expression narrowed six years old she’s feeling harrowed seven she’s on meds the doctor said that she was hyperactive well no more now she’s