Alliance Leveling Tips

When you get tired of grinding your way slowly through the levels and grow sick of watching other zooming right along, you start to wonder what it is that they know and you don’t. There are many ways to level a toon from 1-80 and now to 85, everyone seems to have the basic concepts down, but there are a few Alliance leveling tips that can help you to level up much more quickly without having to spend a fortune on repairs.

Going from 1-10 is something that should take less than a couple of hours and can be accomplished by completing the quests in your beginner’s area. The only real tip is to try and do groups of quests together and then turn them in. Thanks to the new map in WoW, you can see where all of your quests are in the world. This will stop you wasting time running back and forth to the quest giver and then back out when you realize that you could have killed the mobs just once and completed several quests at the same time if you had simply thought to pick them all up in the first place.

Be aware of the mobs you are killing, just because an area has mobs everywhere doesn’t mean that you should go on a widespread killing spree. The only mobs you should be killing are the ones that you have to kill in order to complete your quest objective. Sure they all give you XP, but if you want to level quickly you need to learn that you earn far more XP per hour turning more quests in than you will just for killing mobs.

If you are leveling by yourself, stick to quests that are at or one level below yours. These will still give you plenty of XP, but you will be able to complete them at a much faster paced. The net result is more quest completions per hour and fast leveling. On the other hand if you are with a partner or a group, you should have no problem taking on higher level quests and between these and the higher level mobs, your XP will increase very quickly.

One little trick that can help is to put your spell, shot or strike rotations together into macros. This will allow you to use one or two keys to execute perfectly sequenced moves every time you take on a mob. While considered essential in PvP, very few people seem to realize how much of an advantage macros can give you in PvE and help you to speed level your next toon. By following these very simple tips you are going to be surprised at the difference in how fast you level compared to the way your XP bar was moving before.

Darin Gordon