35th AMV (kinda) anime: Naruto Shippuuden & Code Geass music: I really don’t know just good music I had on my computer, but the intro and ending music are Zero’s Theme song (Code Geass) Editors: Dark Reu & Laziness Please go to: www.youtube.com and rate and comment as well thank you. This is an idea Lazi and myself came up with after we played a few rounds of chess (in which I lost every single round). We thought it would be cool to make two well know anime chess player go at it in a game. So in less than 15 mins we had the idea going and started it. It could have been done since last week, but few things got in the way, but good thing is we have it this week. The title: Yes there playing shogi not chess, but shogi is chess just japanese chess, its the same basic principal as chess but with a some different rule. We though “Clash of Chess Master” would sound cheesier than Clash of Shogi Master, which is what we wanted. About the ending: Due to the complicity and the rules of shogi a stalemate is close to impossible. It one of those thing were its easier to win the lottery 3 times in a row than to get a stalemate in shogi. So that fuel our idea for the end. Since both Shika and Lulu are very smart, we made it look as if they went toe to toe and managed a stalemate, and since its so impossible, you can understand there reaction at the end Ok this is different from what I usually make. Its the first of many videos of the same kind. i will call it anime vs anime. Now that