You may have heard the phrase, "the lottery is a random game of chance. "But what does this phrase really mean? Does this mean that everyone has the same chance of winning the lottery jackpot? Does this mean that there is no point in wasting time or your money in a lottery? We analyze the proposal is better to see if we can reduce the confusion.
First, the words "game" refers to the fact that the chances involved. People around the world to gamble on a daily basis. Professional players are too, and is quite good at it. Professional players are successful because they understand the game well played and experts who apply the laws of probability.
Some believe that the word "game" is simply code "to lose." But professional players know the truth. This means a real possibility. This applies to all gambling, from blackjack and poker to horse racing and lotteries. Yes, you can improve your chances of winning the lottery. But if this is true, what could be a random drawing; Hmmm?
What do you mean random?
Thus, after more than 20 years, I get frustrated. But I understand it is my fault. I just can not seem to find a good way to schedule people to understand the word "Random". The problem is complicated by the fact that, on the other hand we have people throw around the word "Random" as if they really knew what it meant. On the other hand, we have people listening to the words as if they understand what it means. Group is not correct. Words can be such a pain.
Shakespeare's cousin Vinny word sums up my feelings when he said that "what we call chance, another name would still smell. "Yeah, Vinny.
But, once again, I will try to clarify the debate. Definition of the word random is the selection process in which each number is the chance to choose. "A good definition, except that it can never happen in the real world! There is no good reason. Random is a theoretical notion bandied about that the ivory towers of researchers in mathematics that have passed away, because if there is indeed reality. It is a scam. The word "Random" is the perfect filter of reality.
Lottery and Reality
If this definition could be done in the real world then:
* If you want to play Blackjack, it would be impossible to improve your chances of winning the calculation card.
* If you play poker, it would be impossible for you to decide how much to bet.
* If you play the stock market, it would be impossible for you to make money.
It is quite clear that these assumptions are false.
You see, the word "Random" does not fit very well in the real world, it is a theoretical mathematical tool. It is very unpleasant for the difficult teenager, and society. It can be done or achieved something great, earth, our solar system, our galaxy and universe, because only in a theoretical world where it was born.
This is intuitively obvious. How can one claim to be random numbers chosen from a shortlist? Can not, because inevitably begin soon, a raffle and trends are starting to happen. One can say that when millions of projects, all numbers of lottery events asymptotically approach the same number of visits, but a short time, which is known in our lifetimes, a raffle and plenty of trends. It is there for everyone. Look at your ticket. All raffle. Why be smart and take advantage of this fact when playing a lottery?

Professor Dolph is a world renowned expert Lottery, lecturer and writer, who has developed a breakthrough in the lottery software called Lona. A new and refreshing look for the lottery is to win the lottery.