Well, if not all the program used to win every time I played.



  • No! Last month our local news tested several.They went broke in three days.They tried the systems that are for sale also.

  • I don’t think so.
    It’s just luck.
    Some people are lucky and some people like me aren’t

  • Nope, they just choose randomised numbers, you can do that for free.

  • I dont think they work at all. It is totally luck. Why would some one sell something when he or she could have made millions themselves using it.

  • Actually yes there are people that have written an algarithm to garentee a lotto win but it would require somewhere around 20,000 tickets (some university students have done it) which means you would need more than 1 person a lot more but they were taken to court after winning for cheating lol the out come of the case I do not know. I doubt that an online program would actually work or they would be sued as well and a lot more people would be winning the lotto

  • Ya there is.But its takes several minuts.
    Just log on my website.Best of ‘luck’.

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