The Australian Gold Lotto is without a doubt, the most awaited and talked about game of lottery in Australia. Probably, the reason why this is the most famous and exciting game is because it will only cost a person one dollar to be able to join and vie in winning millions of money. The numbers for this lottery are regularly drawn during Wednesday and Saturday nights at exactly quarter to 9 in the evening. The draws are aired for Queensland on channel 7.

If you do not know how to play Australian Gold Lotto, just continue reading on to know more about the game. Unlike other lottery games, the objective of this one includes choosing 4 numbers that you think the system will also choose. If all the numbers that you picked was luckily picked by the system as well, you will be bringing home with you the jackpot money. The tricky part about Australian Gold Lotto or any other lotteries is the method by which one will choose his/her numbers. One can choose the numbers based on telephone numbers, birthdays, special dates, and some just let the system do the choosing for them. The only catch with this lottery is that the order of the appearance of the numbers matter. But what people love about this lottery is the fact that even if you just match one number in the right position, one will already receive a certain amount of cash prize.

Some people feel that winning in Australian Gold Lotto is easy because one just needs to pick 4 correct numbers unlike other lotteries that requires a player to pick up to 6 correct numbers. This is one of the strategies that are strongly advised by most experts, to pick a lottery which just requires people to choose fewer correct numbers as there is a bigger chance of winning in these games. Another strategy that some might be applying in the past years is the strategy that involves selecting the right numbers. This can be done by trying to observe and analyze the previous results. This way, one will be aware of the numbers that are usually picked by the system. And what most people do not know is that these strategies help the players to have a bigger chance in winning because they are using or following a strategy that has already been tried and tested by many.

So if you are still curious about Australian Gold Lotto, now might be the right time to take your chances and try your luck in this game. After all, you are now equipped with the two most important and effective strategies there is today. Who knows, you might be the next lucky beneficiary of these strategies if you win the jackpot prize on the lottery’s next draw. The risk will all be worth it because even if you do not win the jackpot prize, there is still a big chance of winning even just a small percentage of the jackpot prize money. This is because one should always remember that in order to increase the chances of winning, he/she should turn to strategies that have already been tried by other people to manipulate the odds and turn them into your favor.

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