remix of Bright Eyes best day of my life, chew style This is the best dip of my life I wasnt buzzed before I tossed you Found a can in the rain, suddenly everything changed I put it straight into my gums Skoal was the first can that I bought It made me broke before I met you I dont know where I am, at the end of the can But I know where I want to go So I went to Sunoco Fucking took forever I bought my can to go Cause I realized that I need chew So I tossed one in and walked on home I remember the time we dipped all night Just for fun until the morning And I thought it was strange Grizz made it all change I spit, straight into my cup And you said this is the best dip of my life Glad I didnt die before I tossed you Now I dont care with this lip I got here I will never be alone So if you wanna chew grizzly Just pinch a little ripper Then come relax with me Cause Id rather be driving with a dip in Than waiting to win the lottery Trust me I swear its better Than lighting up a weak ciggy