★Tweet It ★ tiny.cc ★Share It on Facebook ★ on.fb.me – Billionaire – Travie McCoy Feat. Bruno Mars (Music Video) – Yoonha Hwang Piano Acoustic Cover with lyrics (Official) – Link – ★Myspace : mysp.ac ★Facebook : fb.me ★Twitter : twitter.com – Lyrics [Unco Same] – Came to America as a Vietnamese refugee, At the gas station, a black guy robbed me, when one door closes, another one opens, cause the same day, I win the lottery, had a lucky dollar underneath my shoe, bought a winning lotto ticket, thats the way to do, in just one day, I made one million, but thats not enough, I want one billion I can wish all day, but Ill never get paid, want to made the money, moneys gotta get made. You have to step up and grind with your hustle, Just like def jam, simmons russel Find your dream, put in the work Grind everyday and never give up, Then one day, you gonna taste success, Even a nympho, will like it better than sex. I work all day and even work all night, No time to play, but its quite alright, Mommy and dad dont quite understand, Its ok. Theyll see my master plan, so many haters try to hold me back, theyre just a hamburger, and im a big mac, when that day comes and I know that I made it, I start all over to help other people make it