I need help as how to play the lotto to win so probably I need a mathematician to help me please, thx



  • There is no system that will ever help you. It’s random.

    Actually, that’s not /quite/ true. There are some sets of numbers which aren’t chosen by customers very often, but which are just as likely to come up as any other set. Choose those and you have the same chance of winning as ever BUT you will be less likely to have to share it with other winners.

  • 1st buy a ticket,2nd pray

  • You don’t need a mathematician. You just need to pick the right numbers. Simple.

    All the numbers are listed. Just pick the winners.

  • Buy a ticket, you will either win or lose.
    Most likely you will lose.
    The only way to increase your chances of wining is to buy more tickets.
    The only way you can have a guaranteed chance of winning is to buy all the tickets; and even then you’ll lose because the price of the tickets would be more than the prize you would win.

  • You can’t win the lottery. It doesn’t work like that. If it did, there would be a lot of really rich mathematicians in this world.

    Save your money and go back to school.

  • Option 1:

    1) Go to shop
    2) Buy Ticket
    3) Make a Wish

    Option 2:

    Depending on the lottery, buy enough tickets to cover all combinations of numbers. For uk lottery, that would be around £13m+. And you’d probably really annoy the guy behind the counter as well.

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