These days, spam has become the most annoying word in our daily lives, but this article will give you an idea of what kind of anti-spam, which are available and their characteristics. In principle, the anti-spam are three different types: 1 Completed: This is one of the most popular spam filtering software. Since this software is installed, is closely email address and you would have some of the other buttons on the software in your email. After installation, this is your chance to also mark mail as spam or not spam, or even bounce the message back to the sender. However, there are several alternatives to this software different buttons in different places, but the roles remain the same. Another advantage of this suspension is that these blockers suspectively that the e-mail to a different folder, so you can view them later at your own discretion. New versions are so effective these days are watching only the difference between spam messages and put them in spam. Some of the popular anti-spam software is Qurb eTrust Anti-Spam, Spam and Spam iHate bully. This is the most likely choice for users who want just one click solution to isolate the e-mail and spam. This software is one of the best and simplest solution for routine messages spam. The only downside of this software is that it is special, as some mail will only work with Outlook Express. So before you buy, that this feature is not present. 2. Standalone: autonomous anti-spam is a special software installed to spam control. The first thing to ensure is to launch and anti-spam software first and then deal with e-mail server, then start a regular software e-mail, so you can download. The biggest benefit is to enable this software is that you can see mail from your mail server, before starting your computer. This feature helps you to download the messages you want to delete them, you do not intend to read. Stand-alone anti-spam requires some extra effort, because you must always set the anti-spam before opening your e-mail. This spam prepared for the fact that there are certain categories of people. In addition, this anti-spam software does not. The most popular is a stand alone anti-spam Mail Washer Pro. 3. Online Spam Blocker: link blocker spam has grown to two, namely, business and personal use. A typical example of business mail is iHate available, the software will automatically delete the spam is not a review of a person. This is especially prevalent in operations. For example, online design software is Spam.

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