Lacey brings nice wine to dinner at the Leroy home. Unfortunately for Oscar and Emma it opens a door to the wine world that never should have been opened. Meanwhile Hank’s life is turned upside down when he wins the lottery. And despite warnings from Brent and Wanda, Karen makes the mistake of talking Davis into getting new shoes. Main Cast: • Brent Herbert Leroy (Brent Butt) • Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller) • Richard Henry “Hank” Yarbo (Fred Ewanuick) • Wanda Dollard (Nancy Robertson) • Oscar Leroy (Eric Peterson) • Emma Leroy (Janet Wright) • Sergeant Davis Quinton (Lorne Cardinal) • Constable Karen Pelly (Tara Spencer-Nairn) Recurring characters: • Fitzy Fitzgerald (Cavan Cunningham) • Wes Humboldt (Mike OBrien) • Paul Kinistino (Mark Dieter) • Josh the Cook (Josh Strait) • Fitzy’s Grandma (Jean Freeman)