What really happened when Derren Brown to predict the lottery. . . All is revealed. . . Perhaps you could do the same. . .



  • it is a camera trick, that whole “explanation episode” is a trick too. He even said it at the end “If I am ever asked, I will say it was just a trick” note: he didn’t say “the collective subconscious of people predicted it”

  • it was a camera trick yo

  • It’s said at the very end… “it’s just a trick” well done derren brown!

  • you lot are idiots…..why didnt he do the draw in the same room as everyone else.

  • He already limited your imagination trying to figure out how its done by giving you a list of what he could of done.. The trick is he got the lotto numbers and then made his “prediction..”

  • I thought the entire point in derran brown is that he is not a illusionist, he just plays mind games.

  • I have to say i’m amazed. I get all the stuff he said about wisdom of the crowd and it actually made sense to me but then he starts talking about ‘not’ fixing the machine which implies he has. It again makes perfect sense – the only problem is that IS against the law. Fixing the balls is illigel and Derren said he had done nothing wrong and WE could do this. There’s something about Derren Brown – he’s v. clever and now i’m not sure what to think. Which i suppose is the point 🙂

  • He is full of shit, camera trick.

  • i fink he failed so he decided to join the wolfpak

  • 2;20 he worte the number down before but ther was no reaction from the participant…there was alot of mathematics teachers were confused about it…and it dont matter if he did show the balls beofre hand bekuz getin the lottery shuts at 7 way beofre the lottery starts so no one would be able to copy the number…derren got a big mind a good person i jst hope he aint going to the dark side

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