Last night Derren Brown proved to the nation that he could predict the National Lottery. Find out how he did it. Friday | 9:00pm | Channel 4



  • @Deppgal01, he wants to make us think of snow flakes which after all he is just hiding a message that can be decoded as “So Fake” (SnOw FlAKE = SO FAKE). Okay maybe what I wrote is absurd but it’s quite interesting since the prediction was completely fake. hehehe

  • How the fuck could you not believe in this but believe in God!! God is fucking not real and derren is fucking amazinggg xxxx

  • @mikilan look, derren brown is known for his misdirection and manipulating peoples actions and THIS was the main point of this “trick”. not to predict the lottery numbers. anyone in video editing can spot the splice he does in the video where he chops the screen in half and has an assistant replace the balls and then they remove the splice right when he begins to walk to the balls. he was able to trick millions of people into thinking he predicted the lotto and the trick involved intense timing

  • @cheetah219 It doesn’t matter if you can claim you can see where he splices a video. In England, he did this at the EXACT same time as the actual LIVE lottery draw was happening on another channel. You could literally switch channels or have 2 tvs and see what derren brown was seeing on his screen

  • @Lethys1 we all know this you dont have to post it on a video 😐

  • Derren is gay

  • @mikilan its a split screen, you can actually see it in the video. the camera shaking makes it very hard to see, but i could easily draw the line down from where he splices the video.

  • Ahhhh!!! this is making me insane!! where is that fucking video????

  • anyone who believes the b**ls**t story he gave on the night is a moron (or goes to church)

  • I thought it was a metaphor for the weather and predictions of……lol.

  • hot hot hot hot

  • yes 🙂 look on internet maybe?

  • Really? I have never heard of a snow job before.

  • the snow flake represents the term ‘snow-job’, which is a colloquialism for a cover-up .

  • the snow flake represents the term ‘snow-job’, which is a colloquialism for a cover-up .

  • No No No!!

    I liek the other stuff, but this ? This is just madness.
    No maths involved here, not MAGIC.
    So, who helped him with the camera trick hey, what is this?

    HHAHAhhaha hahaha heheheheeh

    **********I just wanted to leave a comment************
    hahahehe hhehhe hahah !!!

  • Why has no one mentioned the snowflake? Yeah, you see somone doing that everyday huh.

    A snowflake is completely original- no two are the same. So what do you make of that?

  • The ball isnt floating. Its sitting on a pedastall. Why would he need split screen the day after he predicted them right. The advert was showing the correct prediction the day after.

    The media’s opinions split screens, lasers, special balls are completely ridiculous.

  • Because to be aloud to predict the lottery he had to sign a contract agreeing any tickets he buys won’t be valid.

  • seishin48
    Because he would need around 23 people who would be willing to help him win…
    And he has to do itt withoutt profitt on his mind…
    And there would be no real pointt since he is already a millionairre…

  • what a tosser

  • The 39 isnt floating its stuck between the other ball and the side of the case.

  • down’

  • so did he explain it himself or what ??????

  • Even in this freaking video, the 39 is STILL floating!!

    Do you see it?!

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