Derren brown attempts to predict the national lottery numbers live on tv in a proram called “The Event” at 10:35 on channel 4 on the 9th september. While the program was on the lottery numbers were. . .



  • Dear me , mate you´re theorizing a lot for a trick that probably is much simpler then it looks… You could be right i don´t know how much he work with effects on tv.. Maybe he had the answers before the show and in exchange for the publicity on both sides, they said it was live but in fact the lottery was recorded maybe an hour earlier… or 15 minutes or so and made it intoo a lottery magic show…. Fun4 all and making some money 4 all. Business

  • you can tell its a camera trick, but he’s still good :p

  • “Predictions” of your own…

  • deinetlyy gona watch it tonight and see if i can get my family to win and save our house from being sold 🙂

  • At 2.04 you can see the left side of the sreen slightly changes/ flicks or something. I think the wobbly camera is a effect put by editing it live and the camera itself would be still. The stand holds the white balls in the exact same place every time its loaded with balls so they wont move when the split screen affect on the left side a 2.04 ish turns to live film. Very clever thats my theory anyhow

  • wat??? lol

  • its his prediction, he is allowed to show it to us, the reason he didn’t show it is because it wasn’t a prediction and he was fully aware that they were the correct balls.

  • if it was easy it wouldn’t of taken him a year to work it out, your going to have to better than that….

  • I hope all the people who say it’s a camera trick feel silly tomorro, of course that’s the first thing anyone would you really think after a year of work derren wouldn’t think of that as being an initial theory/reaction?He’s much much cleverer than that

  • derren employed some computer hackers to put the numbers on the video of the balls in real time. its basically a green screen trick. while its amazing he didnt predict anything and basically is looking at blank balls. they can even be moved as the computer knows where each balls is at any time and can draw the image properly.derren is doing nothing here. derren uses cheap tricks and pretends they are mind tricks. he usually doesnt admit it though. friday will be interesting.

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